TT Classic Blue shorts

TT Blue Shorts

TT Classic Blue Shorts. Loose fit for comfort and versatility.  Perfect for chilling on the beach. The ideal travelling companion.

Every pair is unique, made with love and care.

100% Cotton

Elasticated waist

*Please note measurements are after initial wash.

Due to the natural nature of the cotton, Tom’s Trunks will shrink around 3cm on initial washing.

Size (CM)Waist(Draw String)Outside LegInside LegHips
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Tom’s Trunks Classic Blue Shorts are loose fitting, this enables them to be more comfortable and versatile when relaxing.

The fabric that is used to make the Classic Short, was originally used by middle eastern tradesmen when they travelled across Africa. The kikoy was the perfect garment due to the breathable material and the loser fit making them extremely comfortable to wear. This makes them perfect for chilling on the beach. They are an idea travelling companion because of the pocket packaging, allowing them to pack up into a small space.

The Classic Shorts have deep pockets, this solves the problem of items falling out when lounging.

Every pair is unique, made with love and care.

100% Cotton

Elasticated waist

Machine washable

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1 review for TT Classic Blue shorts

  1. My favourite pair of summer shorts, perfect for sport or relaxing!

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