Spread the vibe is a project within Tom’s Trunks where we gift a pair of our lounge pants to a child who is suffering in hospital. We know that being in hospital is not much fun. However, a small bit of comfort can make a huge difference. Tom’s Trunks are not magic, but magical things can happen.

Comfort is a key element to happiness. We believe that happiness and comfort combined can bring out the smiles in troubled days.

We want to spread the TT vibe to people who are going through difficult times. So if you know anyone who will benefit from this please do get in touch by submitting your story below. We love hearing from you.


We are proud to say that a percentage of every sale goes to Tom’s Trust, a charity caring for children with brain tumours.We have been supporting this charity since 2012.

With the launch of the Kasa Towelling  Robe, we have decided to share a percentage of the profit with the Watamu Turtle watch. This charity do a multitude of different things which include, beach clear ups and a specialist rehabilitation Centre for sick and injured sea turtles.