Tommy’s Trunks was born in October 2014 and re-named  Tom’s Trunks in January 2019.

Tom’s Trunks is inspired by my love of Africa and the discovery of kikoy.

 At the age of 13, I decided to bring some Kikoy Trousers to the U.K, creating the Tom’s Trunks brand.

My aim is to build a brand that produces the most comfortable Beach and Bed using sustainable materials.

The TT Classic is our core product, a unisex lounge and Yoga pant. I believe that comfort and style are key elements to happiness along with my passion for the natural world and African design.

Many people ask me, why I do it and the simple answer is because ‘I love it’. I find school challenging due to my dyslexia and Tom’s Trunks provides an ideal escape, lets me explore the rewarding aspects of life and the brand represents all the things I enjoy. Tom’s Trunks donates a percentage of profits to Tom’s Trust a charity providing clinical psychology to children & their families with brain tumours. The charity was set up by the parents of a friend of mine who tragically died from a brain tumour age 9.

My dream for Tom’s Trunks is to spread the “Vibe” and start gifting Tom’s Trunks to young people in hospital who are going through hard times. I know that the trousers are not ‘magic’, but I believe they can do something ‘magical’ by bringing a bit of comfort and happiness to those who are sick. I am passionate about Tom’s Trunks and my customers.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes

Tom Holmes,   Founder