We are committed to creating durable clothing that lasts the test of
time and believe this is done by working with factories that share a common vision of sustainability and transparency.

Sustainable Practices
Plastic Free
Ethical Factories
Slow Fashion
We focus on the things that matter to us:

1) Fair wages
2) The opportunity to develop
3) Transparency

From the cotton used to spin the yarn to the mailbag we send our product in, we ensure sustainability and ethical trade every step of the way.

Our suppliers are accountable to a code of conduct and an annual audit assessment. We aim for annual factory visits and weekly video calls.

Our Code of Conduct

Our Metrics on Suppliers

  • Good
    Working Conditions

    Air conditioning/heating

    Appropriate ventilation

    Natural lighting and good seating

    Staff can work a maximum of 13 hours and have to have a minimum of an 8-hour break between shifts

    Regular breaks

    Automation of repetitive tasks where possible.

  • Fair Pay

    Workers get paid a fair remuneration for their efforts.

    No pay gap between genders.

    Workers paid national minimum wage or above.

  • Strong
    Environmental Standards

    Suppliers must not use single-use plastic packaging.

    Focus on reducing waste.

    Looking into better ways of creating electrical energy.

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Our Core Suppliers