• Why Pre-Loved:

    Reducing waste is one way to help build a sustainable future.

    We like to keep our Trunks in the loop by selling on loved items.

    From old photoshoot items to outgrown Trunks, shop our Pre-Loved. 

  • Worn, not wasted.

  • Why EcoDrop:

    ONLY WORN ONCE. The eco-friendly approach to returns, reducing shipping miles.

    When someone doesn’t want their purchase due to non-damage reasons, instead of returning the item back to us, items can be sold and shipped directly to the next willing customer, which we hope is you!

    The item is in brand new condition, much like an in-store purchase that has been tried on. The discounted price takes into account that shipping may take longer with EcoDrop orders, as these orders can take up to 10 working days to arrive.

Need a repair

We can offer a cost-price repair for your Trunks. For more information, send some photos of your Trunks and a description of the repair required to us here