Tom’s Trunks was born in October 2014 when aged 13, I brought back several pairs of Kikoy trousers from Kenya for my friends and family and was encouraged by the hugely positive response they had for the product.

We were inspired by the vibrant colours of Kenyan kikoy material and realised its potential as comfortable beachwear clothing. We reimagined the design, which then became the Tom’s Trunks you see today. 

My aim is to grow our business whilst promoting the core values of sustainability and ethical production. My passion for the company isn’t down to any material reasons but because it initially allowed me to expand and explore a different world outside of education, which I found particularly challenging because of my dyslexia. 

Tom’s Trunks is proud to donate 10% of our profits to People + Planet and have been supporting Tom’s Trust since 2014, a charity providing psychological support to children and their families who suffer from brain tumours. The charity was set up by the parents of a friend of mine, Tom, who tragically died age 9, so it really means a lot to me personally.

My dream for Tom’s Trunks is to produce the most comfortable beach and bed wear whilst looking after the environment and those that inhabit it. I hope you love our products as much as I do. 

If you have any questions about the brand please get in touch:

Lots of Love,

Tom x