Planet: Target 500 Trees Planted
People: Target £60,000


  • Tom's Trust

    Tom's Trust is dedicated to providing psychological support for children with brain tumours and their families.

  • What Tom's Trust does

    Tom's Trust is dedicated to providing mental health support to children living with brain tumours in the UK. Their work is in addition to the very basic NHS provision, which is not designed or intended to manage the complex psychological requirements of young brain tumour sufferers.

    Why Tom's Trust?

    The charity was set up by Andrew Whiteley and Debs Mitchell, the parents of a friend of mine, Tom, who tragically died aged 9 so it really means a lot to me personally.

    How do we support?

    Tom's Trunks donates a percentage of profits to Tom's Trust. We also try and raise awareness of the great things they are doing using platforms such as sweatcoin.

    If we managed to reach our donation goal of £10,000, this would mean that 10 families could be supported for a whole year!

Feature Charity

  • For Rangers

    In partnership with Save the Rhino, For Rangers is a campaign supporting wildlife rangers in Africa through extreme endurance events. Rangers are the everyday heroes who put their lives on the line to ensure our endangered wildlife is protected, and can continue to exist. 

  • Over 1000 rangers have lost their lives since 2003, protecting what is left of Africa’s wildlife heritage, and countless others have been injured.

    In support of For Rangers, Tom and 3 friends of Tom's Trunks will undertake an extreme 250 km desert ultra marathon across the Kenyan Namib Desert. 

  • The Work

    For Rangers have 

    Assisted in 30 operations throughout 14 African countries.

    Provided more than $2m worth of kit, equipment and training to 2500 rangers across sub-Saharan Africa. 

    Provided 1200 life insurance policies

    Given $200,000 worth of training to Rangers.


  • Taking Control of our Carbon Offsets

  • 282 trees planted so far via the Tree Trunks Scheme.

    and 2750 KG CO2 absorbed per annum!

    We do inevitably emit carbon through various stages of our production. 

    While we are putting most of our efforts into carbon reduction strategies, we aim to offset our Scope 1 and 2 emissions (4100 kg CO2e) via the Tree Trunk scheme. 

    By planting ourselves and supporting local tree planting schemes, we aim to offset over 4100 kg Co2e in 2024. This is a long term plan whereby we hope to offset more and more carbon as time goes on.

    How are we calculating this?

    Carbon is hard to quantify, and the rate at which a tree sequesters carbon can vary significantly based on the specific characteristics of the tree and its environment.

    For this reason, it is important to note that our calculations are based on estimated averages.

    Our calculations also take into account that it takes 10-20 years for a tree to reach its peak carbon storage phase, so we are taking the average amount of carbon an average tree absorbs per year across its first 20 years; which is 10kg (OneTreePlanted, 2023).