Being sustainable is challenging. However, through education, bold commitments and a passion for change, we can reduce our environmental impact on the planet and its inhabitants whilst making positive changes along the way.

Sustainability, to us, is about creating products that don't destroy the future of the people and the planet.

2023 Sustainability Impact Report


  • Materials and Processes

    FABRICS | All products use 100% natural fibres | We use Topology optimisation software is used to cut our patterns with minimal waste | Limited lines so that yarn is not wasted during weave changeovers |

    DYES | All our products use natural, azo-free dyes which do not pollute water systems |

    PACKAGING | All of our packaging is made in the UK | 100% biodegradable | 80% made from recycled card |

    LOGISTICS | We limit our use of air freight to transport goods to reduce carbon emissions |

    WASTE | Card is always recycled and any excess fabric is sold for insulation or reworked into off-cut products |

  • Ethical Factories

    We are committed to creating durable clothing that lasts the test of time and believe this is done by working with factories that share a common vision of sustainability and transparency.

    Our suppliers are accountable to code of conduct and an annual audit. We aim for annual factory visits and weekly video calls to ensure standards are being met. 

    We ensure workers have:

    | Fair wages | Safe working conditions | Health and Safety equipment |

    Find out more: Supply Chain

  • Plastic Free

    | 100% Single Use Plastic Free | Returnable packaging reused for internal logistics | Products using single use plastics are not purchased |

  • Slow Fashion

    Our products are made and tested so that they last the test of time. We don't want you to be buying too regularly.

    CIRCULARITY | Trunks are kept in the loop via Pre-Loved, Repairs and a Circular Returns System |

“Only when the last fish is gone, the last river poisoned, the last tree cut down...will mankind realize they cannot eat money.”